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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Recycled headboard and doors

2 years!!! 2 years I have passed by a second hand store and thought I could do something with this head board that has been sitting outside for along time. Why??! Why would i want that junk?! Am I a hoarder???!!!! 
So I finally I stopped to get a better look.  I was a little disappointed but still thought it was kinda neat and had some potential. The man that owns the store was super nice and gave the headboard to me.Although I insisted on paying and he just as stubbornly refused. I'm sure he was glad for it to be out of his way. Needless to say I brought it home. My hubby is not excited, but he is very tolerant and helps me a lot with many of my projects. 

So, for two years , I've thought of the endless possibilities of this lonely neglected headboard. This is what I've come up with...

Did I mention I may have hoarding tendencies? I also acquired to pantry doors from my mother-in-law that I have been wanting to put to use. 

Another year passed, and I'm finally doing something with this headboard. I rethought my original plans and cut the headboard in half. Sanded and painted, using paints I already have stockpiled around my house.

The panel that was on the headboard needed to be replaced, and luckily we had that laying around as well. I then added some knobs (outdoor facet valve) that I picked up cheap at a local hardware store that was going out of business. I guess the doors will turn into another project.

This is a newly added mudroom, which will serve as a entryway. I suppose my next project will be to finally paint my new (salvaged) door.

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