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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Whole 30

I will spare you my food pictures and recipes. Your welcome.

 I was really excited when I heard about the whole 30. I have been struggling with some skin and stomach issues for the past few years that were not easily explained. I don't eat like crap and I also work out hard and can't lose weight.  I wanted to jump right in, but I also wanted to succeed so I waited, I planned and I prepared. I waited until after my sons ball season was over (forgot about tournaments) and there where no upcoming events. I started weening myself off of the forbidden items for 2 weeks before I started my whole 30 journey, except my coffee with non dairy creamer and a tsp of sugar, that would be the very last thing I gave up! That was, until the weekend before my whole 30 was to start. I forgot we had made plans for memorial day. My husband decided to celebrate with not one but 3 pound cakes and a huge tub of praline blue bell ice cream(no not all at once and no he is not doing the whole 30)  I celebrated with a hamburger with cheese on a bun and a wheat beer...oh the horror!!!!!

Okay, day one started with some scary family issues that I wont go into, but I only got 3 hours of sleep and I really wanted the comfort of my coffee. I knew that was going to be the hardest part for me. I did put a little bit of compliant almond coconut milk in my coffee and it made it an easier transition, but damn this is going to be a long day. After lunch I felt like I had hit a brick wall, I was starting to get a migraine and was so tired I was almost delirious. I had pilates class scheduled that I didn't want to miss but thought I might have to.  I decided, without shame, to take a nap in my closet after work and then to barre class. It was tough!!! I have been working out 4-6 days a week for 6 months and this was an ass kicking for the books, but after I felt better. I didnt get in bed as early as I hoped but slept hard.

Day two I woke up feeling good, very sore, but good. Amazing what a shower and a little sleep can fix! My coffee tasted better today, but still realllly wanted my fixings! TMI... I started my period and didn't kill anyone for a chocolate chip cookie, and yes, an amazing looking cookie cake showed up at work and I could hardly care less. I might actually be able to do this shit!!!! By the evening I was so sore, that I again considered not working out, but I did it anyway. I had no stamina and felt puny. I went home and ate and had a cup of coffee..its not so bad, I actually enjoyed it. Oh so tired!!! I got up to take an epsom salt bath at midnight. I canceled my pilates class for the following day.

Day 3...tired, sore and bitchy. I think my family is trying to sabotage me.

Day 4 I had a piyo class scheduled that I was looking forward to, but overslept. I am mad at my self for missing two classes in a row, something I haven't done in Six months but I guess my body knows what its doing.   I woke up groggy but wasnt as sore. After a hot shower and some food I started feeling somewhat human again. I still have a headache but I am not wound as tight...but the day is still early, and we have baseball tournaments. Yes, I am one of those crazy baseball moms. I am so freaking thirsty!!  Headache worsoned, went down for a two hour nap. When I got up I felt a little better still headachy and thirsty so I ate some watermelon with salt, chugged some water and put some music on and felt better. Actually I felt better than I had in days.

Day 5 I woke up full of energy..cleaned the entire house and rearranged furniture. I'm on Day 9...the last few days were brutal. Baseball tournaments had us at the park until 10-11 for 3 consecutive nights...I had to skip dinner more then once but had compliant snacks. I am so exhausted I tried to nap in my closet at work during lunch hour. I think its my schedule more then the diet making me feel so run down. I have not had many food cravings and still feel pretty confident that I can do this. I like eating clean whole foods. My skin is starting to clear and my pants feel looser.

Day 11.....I'm alive...!!!! Had a great workout ready to tackle some chores! Also happy to report that the psoriasis on my elbows is almost gone!!!!

DAY 19 still hanging in there. My stamina in my workouts is increasing, and I find I am pushing myself harder. I'm still tired, but its probably all the cooking and washing dishes that's kicking my but. Yesterday, I woke up really swollen, couldn't even take my rings off, which had become really loose and my stomach was upset. The night before,  I had redfish. After I ate my throat felt swollen and I had to take an antihistamine. This is not the first time this has happened after I've eaten fish, I'm going to have to pay more attention to that. My skin is loving the whole 30!

Day 29!!! Tomorrow is my last day of the whole 30, I have mixed emotions about reintroducing foods. Do I really want to feel like crap again? I would like to know without a doubt what causes a reaction in my body and I know I will have some reactions. I am seriously considering continuing this journey. Maybe paleo will be a way of life. I did have some energy issues during the whole 30, but think I just need to make some adjustments to my diet to accommodate workouts.  People have been remarking on my skin and weight changes so at least I have outside confirmation that there has been some changes. I really can't wait to step on the scale!
3 days post whole 30...The results:

My skin looks great, no hormonal breakouts, it looks hydrated and healthy.
My psoriasis is gone!!!

My headaches are less frequent and less severe.

My digestive health is improving. No more terrible bouts of heart burn and stomach woes.

While I still occasionally  hit a midday slump, I think this is due to my lack of sleep(some nights less than 5 šŸ˜²), which is something I am working on. When I do get a good night of sleep I feel great and have lots of energy the next day.

I am way more aware of what I put in my body and how it effects me. I learned a lot about myself in this process. I am one badass bitch!! Who knew?

I lost 12 lbs, I wish I had taken measurements but...I didn't. I did take before and after photos, which I will not be posting for all the web to see.

I am 3 days complete and have yet to add anything uncompliant. I didn't even think about drinking my coffee with uncompliant ingredients! I take that back, I keep bees and did lick my fingers after extracting honey, and then felt guilty. It bothered me that I felt guilty about a taste of honey because it is a whole food packed with nutrients. So, while I've decided to continue my journey past the 30 days (paleo), it will be modified to include a small amount of honey without the guilt, and I will eventually add foods back just to see how I react, just not yet. The whole 30 was a great learning/retraining experience, I am so glad I took that first step! While my family still ate some noncompliant foods, they also enjoyed the journey. My son is very ready for a pot of red beans (we are southerners) and for me to learn how to make paleo desserts. I feel better, I look better, and I am ready for the next phase in my journey.


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